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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Mar 23, 2016 | | 2 MIN READ

Make 2016 a success as a Brazil tourism company, despite high inflation and slow economic growth

In 2015, inflation in Brazil was the highest it's been in thirteen years. This was mostly due to natural circumstances, including the acute water shortage in the country, and has been accompanied by a period of slow economic growth. As to be expected, this is causing many growing pains for Brazil's economy, and the tourism industry hasn't been left unscathed.

To confront this head-on as a tour or activity provider - particularly with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio on the horizon - here's our payout solution for the Olympics and onwards.

Brazil tourism and high inflation

Here's our solution for Brazilian tourism companies

By using TrekkSoft, you're provided with a secure and handy way to process customer transactions and easily receive your money in your bank account. We're not boasting: this is often the reason that Brazilian customers choose us over other booking software providers.

Our booking system is integrated with all major payment service providers, but we also offer our TrekkSoft Payment Gateway: a secure and convenient way to process customer transactions. This lets you avoid the hassle of applying for a merchant bank account and acquiring a third-party merchant gateway. Don't worry about your location: the TrekkSoft Payment Gateway is an option for you wherever you are in the world.

We do advise that all merchants and suppliers check first with their own banks about receiving international wire transfers and any "landing fees" and costs concerning these. 


Payout options include a Payoneer card or PayPal

Depending on your bank account and the wire transfer costs for international incoming wires, it often makes sense to use Payoneer for the payout option in TrekkSoft (you can choose this in your settings). PayPal is also another option.

With Payoneer, you can set-up a Payoneer card and withdraw your payments processed by TrekkSoft directly from an ATM in cash. There are potential fees involved with Payoneer, and therefore it's worth reading up on using an ATM with the card. You can also read about the fees for PayPal in Brazil here.

Brazil beach 

We recommend using USD as the main currency

The TrekkSoft Payment Gateway doesn't support BRL (Brazilian Reals), but we do support USD. This might seem inconvenient, but we actually think it's the best option for charging your customers in.

Firstly, using USD as your main currency helps to protect your business from the current high inflation in Brazil and any further increases. Secondly, international tourists are often more accustomed to using USD than BRL. 


It's simple to receive your money in monthly payouts

If you use the TrekkSoft Payment Gateway with USD as your main currency, we recommend monthly payouts to avoid extra international wire transfer fees. After all, weekly payouts equate to 4 times the fee you pay with a monthly payout option. 

Rio Olympics for tourism industry

Let's arrange a call to talk this through!

If you'd like to discuss this further, our team in Switzerland would love to arrange a free consultation and demo of our software.

As a TrekkSoft customer, you can also look forward to support in your language: our Portuguese-speaking Customer Success Managers will help you to set-up your website and guide you to success. We look forward to speaking with you!


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