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Published by Franziska Wernet | Aug 9, 2016 | | 4 MIN READ

10 tips to sell vouchers online as a tour and activity company

Vouchers have enjoyed growing popularity over the last few years, particularly for gift-giving occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day. As we all know, you can't go wrong with a voucher!

However, vouchers are relevant for more than just these occasions. By selling vouchers, tour and activity providers can encourage existing customers to re-purchase, offset weak sales months, market new tours and activities, and generally boost their revenue. 

The number of vouchers sold has increased year-on-year, as has the average value of vouchers; from 50 euro in 2010 to 100 euro in 2015 (Source: Association of Consumer Research 2015). Each year over Christmas, it's clear how important voucher selling really is.

Considering the consistent popularity of vouchers, tour and activity providers can benefit from selling vouchers as well as their everyday tours and activities to optimize their day-to-day business. 

Here are ten tips to market and sell vouchers for your tours and activities online, as well as how TrekkSoft can help you.

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1. Sell vouchers online via your website

Many tour and activity providers sell vouchers on-site. But restricting voucher sales to point-of-sale means that you exclude those who are not living close to your company or passing by your office. You also probably spend most of your time outside, so you won’t have time to answer phone calls or emails, order vouchers, print them, and send them to the customer by post if necessary.

The best solution is to offer your customers the option to book vouchers on your website. Using an online booking system enables you to save time by accepting 24/7 sales for tours and vouchers on your website.

With TrekkSoft, this is made simple. Activate the voucher option for the tour or activity in your account, then your customers can buy a voucher or book a place on the tour in the same booking process.


2. Add 'Vouchers' to your navigation menu

It is important to catch a customer’s attention as soon as they visit your website. By adding 'Vouchers' as a link in your navigation header, you can promote your vouchers throughout your website. Customers who want to buy a voucher will quickly find what they are looking for. That’s how you fulfill your customers’ needs!

Time-intensive searches and requests via email and phone not only anger the customer, but you as a provider as well. If your customer doesn't find the option to buy vouchers within a few seconds, they may well look on another website - which is likely to be your competitor’s.


3. Create an attractive product

Even if you're already selling vouchers, it is crucial that your tours and activities are attractively presented. The product description and images of a tour influence your customer’s decision to buy a voucher for it, so make sure your customer knows what they will get for their money.

Use interesting content, a clear description of the tour or activity, and attractive images as well as good ratings (such as TripAdvisor). Additionally, think about using storytelling to promote your tours and activities. For instance, you could create a video that shows a customer what they will experience on your tour. There are so many options of content you can create for website visitors who are in the research phase of the travel customer journey.

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4. Offer product and value vouchers

Provide the opportunity to choose between a voucher for a particular tour or activity and a value voucher. TrekkSoft allows you to do both, as well as providing the option to create voucher codes with a set value. All vouchers, product vouchers, and value vouchers can be redeemed in the shopping cart of your booking system.


5. Design your vouchers

Impress your customers by going beyond an ordinary voucher. Design the voucher with your own logo, images, and text and impress your customers with a fancy design. With TrekkSoft you can design your own voucher template to match your preferences and brand.


6. Market vouchers via your partner network

Take your vouchers further by allowing your partners and other providers to market and sell them. It is beneficial to consider working with partners who can sell your vouchers on their own website, especially in the lead-up to the Christmas season.

As a TrekkSoft customer, you can benefit from the Partner Network feature – this allows you to promote and sell your tours and activities, as well as your vouchers, with your network of partners. With the Channel Manager, you can also distribute on a large number of channels such as Viator and Musement.

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7. Share voucher codes on social media

Do you want to encourage your customers to purchase vouchers? You could create a voucher code, post it on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, and let the first 20 voucher purchasers receive a discount.

With TrekkSoft you can create a promotion code and allow customers to redeem it in the shopping cart when booking a tour or activity. Another option is to post a competition or riddle on Facebook and give the lucky winner a voucher for one of your tours or activities.


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8. Make sure you enable online payment methods

A customer who buys a voucher on your website will also expect to be able to pay with PayPal or credit card.

By using TrekkSoft, you can decide to use your own payment gateway or the TrekkSoft Payment Gateway for the lowest rates. Best of all: as you are selling vouchers online that are directly paid for in the booking process, you receive the revenue of the voucher right there and then instead of when the recipient redeems the voucher. This means you can even benefit from no-shows – recipients who (albeit sadly!) never get around to redeeming their vouchers.


9. Redeem vouchers on tours and activities

If you're selling vouchers on your website, good work! However, customers should also know exactly how to redeem these vouchers. It's important that you show real-time availability of tours and activities on your website that customers can redeem their vouchers for. Keep in mind that only customers who are satisfied will come back or (even better) share their experience with others via word-of-mouth to win new customers for you.


10. Use a professional management system for your vouchers

It's crucial that you never lose oversight of your vouchers. With a professional management system like TrekkSoft, you can easily stay on top of all vouchers (including product vouchers and voucher codes) that are sold, as well as those which are paid for and those which are already redeemed.

To find out more about selling your tours and activities as vouchers with TrekkSoft, it's simple to arrange a call with our experienced team. Our free consultations focus on problem-solving that is tailored to your business, and we're confident we can help you reach your goals.


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