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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Oct 15, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

The UK tourism influx: how Spain has made the most of it, plus what it means for tour and activity providers

According to, up to 1 in 3 British tourists choose Spain as a tourism destination. An even more impressive fact is that 42% of British holidaygoers have visited Spain more than 10 times. How has Spain targeted the British tourism influx so successfully? Also, how can tour and activity providers follow suit and attract more British tourists?

Firstly, there's ease of access. 123 new routes opened up between Spain and the UK in 2014, which consolidated an already strong transport infrastructure. Other factors at play also include familiarity with Spain as a tourism destination, perceived security, and package deals.

The result? The United Kingdom remains Spain’s strongest inbound travel market, with more than 12.3 million UK tourists from January to September.

Here are four of our strategies for your tour or activity business to tap into this market too.


1.  Like the Spanish Tourist Office, you can focus on "sun and beach plus" marketing

As part of Turespaña’s 2012-2016 Strategic Marketing Plan, the Spanish Tourist Office in London is focused on a "sun and beach plus" marketing plan. This emphasizes that Spain has much more to offer than just its sunny weather and sandy beaches. For instance, there are its urban and cultural assets, trails and routes, gastronomy, and golf holidays.

If your tour and activity business is in a "sun and beach" destination, make sure to work out what your "plus" assets are before incorporating them with your marketing strategy. Maybe your tour or activity itself is one.

To help you with this, check out our complete visual content marketing guide.


2. Make sure your tour or activity business is present on social media

From November 2014, Spain's Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (via Turespaña) has been carrying out a promotional campaign through the UK's main online channels with visual imagery from its ‘I Need Spain’ campaign. 

This content is especially adapted for online media, and reinforces Spain's position not only as a tourism leader, but also as a keep adaptor of digital advances.

Similarly, it is worth dedicating an hour to creating your social media marketing strategy, brushing up on online marketing techniques, or improving your Facebook or Twitter presence. Through this you will target not only UK tourists, but international ones.


3. A multilingual business gets more customers

You need to speak the language of the customer you're trying to target. At TrekkSoft we know this: we have customers in 112 countries, and pride ourselves on continually improving our multilingual customer service and software translations.

The advantages of having online booking software that facilitates your customer's language and currency is clear, but there are other considerations for you to make too. For instance, if you're targeting Chinese speaking tourists, take this into account when recruiting a customer service team.

Also consider language-targeted content and advertising where possible. When targeting British tourists, are you using British (as opposed to American) spelling?


4. Deals and discounts can make your tour or activity the natural choice

For British tourists, Spain's affordability often makes it the best option. Customers can book a cheap EasyJet flight in minutes and be set back merely a few pounds.

Wherever your tour or activity company is located, think about financial incentives to book your tours. Do you have online booking software with a voucher or discount code function, as TrekkSoft offers? Have you thought about creating a flash sale, or offering special discounts for groups or early bookings?

What lessons have you gained from the wider tourism industry to help grow your tour or activity business? 

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