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Reviewing 2023 roll-outs and paving the way for 2024

Reviewing 2023 roll-outs and paving the way for 2024

Posted by Laura Fres
Mar 9, 2024
5 min read

High season 2024 is knocking on our door and, with global reports promising a solid recovery, our enthusiasm is through the roof. Data from industry experts point to a strong recovery, which is expected to surpass even pre-pandemic levels. Initial estimates point to 2% growth compared to 2019 levels.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, it's more important than ever to stay updated. That's why we've put together the most relevant roll-outs launched during 2023, and we're also looking ahead to 2024, with some exciting new developments just around the corner.


2023: A year of empowerment and efficiency

Maximize profits and guide customers to best deals with our new booking widget feature: prices in calendar 

Canva - Mockups

Prices in calendar is a new feature that showcases pricing directly on your booking widget. This addition transforms the widget into a more transparent and user-friendly tool.

You now can provide your customers with a clear, real-time glimpse of your offerings, enabling them to spot the most economical alternatives. This feature isn't just about showing numbers; it's about guiding your users to peerless deals, from enticing weekday reductions to highlighting more affordable rates for certain activities compared to those over the weekend.

The clear display of pricing doesn't just aid your customers — it serves you strategically. It's a tool that lets you manage the demand for your services, filling those last few seats and cranking up your profit margins for each trip.

Delve deeper into the benefits and functionalities here.

Automatically sync prices with GetYourGuide

We've partnered with GetYourGuide to integrate Price over API into our Channel Manager, which allows you to automatically sync prices between our platform and GetYourGuide.

This feature comes with advantages to the table, some of which include:

  • Real-Time Prices: Ensure that prices on GetYourGuide are always up-to-date, providing customers with the most accurate and competitive prices.
  • Automated Updates: Eliminate the need for manual updates on GetYourGuide, reducing the time and effort required to manage your inventory.
  • Increased Revenue: Increase your tour and activity competitiveness. With real-time pricing, you can quickly react to competitor prices, leading to increased revenue for your business.

For a deeper dive into how Price over API can transform your operations, further insights can be found here.


Amplify your visibility with Google's Things to do integration


Our content enrichment tool is an integrated feature in our platform that allows you to add and edit content in your Google Things to do listings directly from our Channel Manager.

Through an easy-to-use interface, you can effectively manage your content: add new details, modify existing information and make sure everything is consistent and up-to-date. 

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Our content enrichment tool can help you significantly improve the quality of your listings on Google Things to do, which translates to:

  • Increased visibility among potential customers
  • Increased engagement through captivating content
  • Better ranking in search results
  • Substantially increased conversion rates

Interested in finding out more? We have prepared a very comprehensive article that clarifies all the facets of our tool. You can read it here


Get more bookings using our Booking Widget 3.0

Booking widget


From the outset, we've designed our booking widget with something very important in mind: conversion optimization. But what does that actually mean? Simply put, conversion optimization is all about increasing the number of visitors to your website who end up making a booking. To achieve this, every component and line of code in our booking widget is tailored to make your booking process as smooth and straightforward as possible, turning browsers into bookers with greater efficiency.

Aware of the critical role that conversion plays in the growth of our customers, we actively monitor the conversion rates of our booking widget users. If you're interested in the specifics of your booking data, your account manager can offer a report filled with useful details. This report will provide you with information on customer drop-offs during the booking process, highlighting areas where you could optimize. You will also receive tips to help you improve your conversion rates.

Our approach has proven effective, with our merchants' average conversion rate reaching 18% in 2023, significantly outperforming the industry average of around 4%. Additionally, our merchants saw a 10% growth in bookings from 2022 to 2023 during the high season. 


Get enhanced support and prioritize which features will be launched

This year, we have taken our commitment to exceptional support and customer centricity a step further. In our ongoing effort to strengthen our relationship, we have introduced several key initiatives:

Customer focus groups

We have facilitated two focus groups, inviting our customers to actively participate in our feature development process. It's our way of making sure your voice is not only heard, but taken into account, making you an integral part of Trekksoft's evolving journey.

New support ticket portal

We launched a new, easy-to-use support ticket portal. Designed with simplicity in mind, it allows you to easily open, view, respond to and escalate support tickets. Here's more information about it

Extended chat support hours

We have extended our chat hours. Our team will be available for two additional hours every day from 10:00 to 18:00 CET, Monday to Friday, ready to assist you with any queries or support you may need.


What's next for TrekkSoft in 2024

Enhanced, mobile-friendly redesign for our Admin Desk

The upcoming redesign of the booking details in the Admin Desk will make your booking management tasks easier to manage.  The updates will simplify the booking view, emphasizing crucial information for easy accessibility. Additionally, we're reordering categories to improve navigation and user-friendliness. Perhaps the most exciting improvement is the redesign's focus on mobile optimization, making management tasks on-the-go smoother than ever.

Take control of your revenue with our pricing rules feature

Our upcoming pricing rules feature will be a powerful tool designed to maximize revenue. It is planned to offer the possibility to change prices based on specific rules such as demand, occupancy rates, specific dates, etc. For example: 

  • When occupancy rates reach or exceed 70%, you can decide to automatically raise prices by 20%.
  • On exceptional dates, such as 24-26 December, you can raise prices to 40% if you wish, to take into account the increased demand during the Christmas period.

Some benefits of this feature include:

  • Optimize profits by adjusting prices according to demand
  • Save time with automatic price adjustments
  • Keep your tours full by lowering prices to fill last-minute seats, ensuring that no seat is left empty
  • Use pricing strategies as a way to create urgency and encourage faster bookings

Faster, deeper, and more customizable reporting

We will focus on enhancing the performance and functionality of our reports in these three main areas:

  • Faster report loading: We plan to devote resources to decrease the time it takes for reports to load. Our goal is to ensure you can access your data without any delay.
  • Enriched standard reports: We are set to enrich our reports further with a more comprehensive range of data.
  • Advanced filters: We've planned to include more flexible filtering options. These additions are designed to enable you to accurately obtain the data sets you require.

Elevate your business with TrekkSoft

Time flies when we move forward and overcome challenges side by side. Here we are, at the dawn of 2024, more ready than ever to dive into new adventures and opportunities. At TrekkSoft, our hearts are set on one thing: driving your business growth like never before.

We are ready and excited to help you take advantage of these features and maximize growth in the coming season. Whether you are new to TrekkSoft or a long-time partner, our team is ready to help you understand how to leverage these updates to drive your business forward.

We look forward to growing and evolving with you, so that 2024 will be your most successful year with TrekkSoft by your side — let's embrace the future together!

Laura Fres
Posted by Laura Fres
Laura is Product Marketer at TrekkSoft. She is an enthusiastic writer with specific interests in content marketing and product launches, and an expert in understanding customer needs and helping companies reach their audiences effectively.
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