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Outdoyo: A marketplace using TrekkSoft to connect with outdoor adventure companies

Outdoyo: A marketplace using TrekkSoft to connect with outdoor adventure companies

Posted by Nicole Kow
Aug 16, 2018
3 min read

For businesses wanting to connect to other suppliers and resellers, TrekkSoft offers multiple tools that make it easy for you to do so. Track bookings from booking agents, resellers and affiliates, and streamline communication between both your companies.

In this interview, we speak to Jasper Vet and Vincent Aussems, founders of the Dutch-based company OUTDOYO. We learn about their business and how they use TrekkSoft to connect to operators and suppliers around the world to offer their clients real-time availabilities for variety of outdoor adventures.

Outdoyo homepage

1. Can you introduce your company? 

OUTDOYO is an online platform [for consumers] to find and book the best outdoor adventures. We want to inspire people to go outdoors, chase new adventures and have fun! Whether this is an extremely challenging adventure for the better trained, an introduction to a new sport or just a day of fun with friends or family, we want to help people find and book their next adventure.

We started offering adventures in Iceland and the Nordic region but are now quickly scaling up in other countries. Our aim is to have coverage of all main outdoor countries in the coming months. All our activities have real-time availability and can be booked directly online.


2. What makes you different from other reseller platforms?

Unlike most other platforms, we have chosen to only focus on outdoor adventures. This automatically means that we are less active in cities (like most platforms) because the activities we offer take place in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature.

Furthermore by having a specific focus, we can make sure we work with the best local operators and only offer high quality tours on our platform. For us, it is extremely important that our customers get an unforgettable experience every time they book with us!


3.What was your motivation for starting OUTDOYO?

We started OUTDOYO out of frustration. We are a group of outdoor enthusiasts ourselves and while travelling we were often struggling to get a good overview of the possibilities in a region or country. Sometimes we, only found out only after returning home that we had missed a great adventure!

The internet has clearly helped a lot but the outdoor adventure market is still very disconnected and it takes a lot of time to find what you are looking for. With our platform, we're hoping to change that and offer a very easy way to find, compare and book outdoor adventures.

Outdoyo popular activities


4. When did OUTDOYO start using TrekkSoft? And why?

From day one our objective was to give operators the opportunity to list their adventures on our platform without adding complexity to their processes. That’s why we partnered with Trekksoft back in 2017.

By using the Trekksoft Partner Network and leveraging on an existing infrastructure, can ensure that our clients are able to book online (based on real time availability), while for operators, the booking is processed like all other bookings. No extra administration or integrations for operators and we can show our clients real-time availability of all activities.


5. Did you evaluate any other booking software? What made TrekkSoft stand out?

Yes, we did look at other booking software providers as well. However, the reason decided to go Trekksoft is because of your focus and origin in the outdoor adventure market.

Another important factor for us was your very helpful team. You know that when integrating different systems, issues will come up that need to be solved and we were confident that we could achieve this with Trekksoft. And we were right! Trekksoft really went the extra mile to make our partnership a success.

Outdoyo - Norway listings

6. What is your own favorite adventure featured on the OUTDOYO platform?

We have many great outdoor adventures on our platform but spending the winter in Norway is very high on my list. Husky sledding, backcountry skiing, ice climbing and of course the Northern Lights, this sound like a perfect winter holiday to me!


7. If a supplier is interested in signing up with you, how should they contact you?

We are absolutely looking forward to working with outdoor adventure operators around the world who are interested in listing their activities on OUTDOYO. We have set up a very simple process for operators to get their activities listed and usually, after a couple of hours everything is up and running!

A simple email to contact@outdoyo.com would be enough to get the ball rolling.


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What is TrekkSoft's Partner Network?

TrekkSoft's Partner Network allows TrekkSoft users to sell one another's services at a much deeper level. With marketplaces like OUTDOYO who are connected to TrekkSoft, suppliers from around the world using TrekkSoft can easily provide real-time availability and pricing to OUTDOYO by sharing your unique API key.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 14.59.58

 Our Partner Network is different from the Agents and Resellers feature as it allows for a two-way connection. While an agent can only sell your services (one-way connection), a company connected via the partner network can also share their products with you, letting you resell their services if you wish to.

Marketplaces like OUTDOYO have found a great solution to bypassing manual uploading and updating of inventory and availability by using a booking system that offers real-time availabilities across all booking channels.

Interested in partnering with other TrekkSoft users?

Head over to the Community Forum to find other businesses to partner with.


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Nicole Kow
Posted by Nicole Kow
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