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Published by Nicole Kow | Mar 1, 2017 | | 4 MIN READ

Here's what you can look forward to in 2017 (5 TrekkSoft upgrades coming your way!)

We've said this before and we'll say it again, TrekkSoft is all about putting our customers first.
Over the years, we've made it our priority to listen to users and use their feedback to improve the software and introduce upgrades that have been much requested.
So, what upgrades can you look forward to this 2017?
1. Get an overview of your inventory and understand how it's being used
Last year, we introduced the Business Intelligence feature that allows users to have a complete overview of their business' sales, revenue, number of bookings and so on. 
This year, our product team will be extending this feature by enabling inventory reporting for users to find out how frequently their inventory is being used
Your inventory includes equipment used to run your trips such as diving equipment, bicycles, or boats, as well as your human resources like your guides or trip leaders. 
This update will be especially useful for companies who hire freelance guides as you can easily find out how often they're booked to calculate their fees or commission.
2. Meet other business owners and join a community of like minded professionals! 
We've also launched a Community for TrekkSoft's users to meet one another, exchange ideas and even collaborate with one another.
We wanted to give you a way to connect with the people who matter most in your market.
TrekkSoft Community Forum.png
Say you run climbing workshops in Australia, why not collaborate with someone who offers the same thing in Spain? Chances are that your marketing efforts are geared towards the same customers so why not share ideas or even collaborate to offer interesting offers and experiences? 
The TrekkSoft Community will:
  • Offer TrekkSoft users a way to connect with one another, exchange ideas and create better products for the travellers around the world.
  • Allow users to speak directly to our product developers who are responsible for everything that goes on in our software.
  • Be an all-in-one platform to deliver updates and feature releases.
  • Become a knowledge hub for software documentation and training programmes.
  • Keep you updated about upcoming events and webinars.
3. Bundle your activities together and offer your customers the ultimate experience
With TrekkSoft, you can offer packages to your customers by bundling different tours and activities together for a fantastic experience. 
Alternatively, you could also offer multi-day trips where your customers get to choose the tours and activities they're interested in, as well as decide on which date and time they'd like to join. 
Some updates on Packages that our team will be working on this year: 
  • Provide TrekkSoft's users with better tools to set up packages, adding more rules and schedules to display offers that are relevant to the given package.
  • Enabling customers to book their accommodation along with their trips, allowing them to easily plan and book their entire trip at once. 
  • Integrating the partner network with packages to allow companies to share their packages with partners and let partners and resellers promote these packages. 
Road trip.jpg
4. Enjoy a better selling experience with global distributors and online marketplaces
Our Channel Manager is a feature we're extremely proud of and dare I say, one of the most powerful tools available on the market. 
Think of it as your fantastic personal assistant that manages your business' inventory on multiple online marketplaces and global distributors like Viator and Get Your Guide.
This feature allows customers and resellers from around the world to see what you have to offer, when they can book a trip with you, and finally book a trip directly into your system. 
No more manually updating your inventory multiple times after a single booking is made. You can also say goodbye to booking errors for good. 
With this year's update, our team hopes to:
  • Streamline the application process between TrekkSoft users and these online channels to make it easier for users to sign up and sell on different online platforms.
  • Improve the connection between TrekkSoft and online marketplaces for better syncing and updating of your live inventory across multiple distribution channels.
  • Secure more partnerships with global distributors and online channels to allow you to sell your services to a larger market.

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5. Introducing our Business Resources!
Apart from all the software updates and upgrades, our content team at TrekkSoft also works tirelessly to provide TrekkSoft's users all the knowledge and tools they need to grow their businesses and reach their potential. 
So, we've created a whole new collection of Business Resources aimed to help small business owners and ambitious entreprenuers tackle different areas of your business like marketing, getting to know your customers and creating a business plan. 
Each resource is a guided worksheet or template that is meant to be used along with the relevant blog post. 
7 questions to define your business model
You can check out some of our latest resources here:


One last thing..

Did you know that as a TrekkSoft user, you have a say on what features and upgrades get worked on next? If you find that the software can be improved in anyway, feel free to contact your account manager with your ideas and feedback.

Your input will be passed on to the product developers who will do their best to create a better TrekkSoft experience for you.  


Which upgrade are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below! 

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