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Published by Stephanie Kutschera | Jul 18, 2018 | | 2 MIN READ

How to remain productive during high season

When we are busy, the time flies away, and it feels like our work is never finished. We start the day with a plan, but rarely complete those things we set out to do, which can become frustrating as deadlines begin to loom. 

During high season, the usual priorities shift as the high volume of customers and tours running today come first. This is completely understandable, but, if you only focus on the present, then you aren't proactive. We have to be planning for the months when we will need more business.

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin

I've included 3 simple ways to save time and be more productive... Even during high season!


1. Manage your time efficiently

There is a straightforward way to be more efficient with the time, and it's proven to work with our TrekkSoft customers time and time again. You need an online booking system with POS and channel manager functionality. 

Your booking system should have live availability to take bookings online through your website. This will reduce the time your team spend on the phone. If customers tend to call and ask similar questions, then add an FAQ page on your website.


The Point of Sale (POS) desk is useful for re-sellers to book your tours with live availability and take their commission all without any administrative time.

The channel manager function will automatically link your booking system with your online travel agents such as Viator and Expedia. Again, this reduces time as bookings will automatically add to your system. A channel manager will also avoid overbooking/human errors. 

"TrekkSoft has reduced administration time at Viking Biking by around 30-45 minutes every day."  Read this customer case study 

2. Remain Visible Online

During high season it is important to maintain your online presence. You should be visible on social media by posting regularly, and storing content in preparation for the quieter months.

A simple way to prepare content without having to allocate time is to ask your customers to 'tag', or to email images from their tour which you will share. Most customers will happily do this as they would like publicity for their own social media accounts. You can also ask your tour guides to take photos, and upload posts while they have time during their tours.

You should also plan your promotions after high season with online travel agents. You can create special offers for customers that book early, and design a pricing structure to suit demand. Make sure you have availability for people to book for the quieter months now, and give them a reason to book now instead of later.

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3. Incentivize and reward your staff

High season is a busy period for everyone in your company. Always have incentives your staff can use as motivation for the season. An example could be a financial bonus, a team BBQ, an adventure weekend. The aim is to keep up the momentum throughout the season.

You could also have rewards for outstanding customer reviews, how the team have dealt with particular situations or for creative solutions. Think about how to include your entire team as every position is contributing to your high season success.


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Stephanie Kutschera
Published by Stephanie Kutschera
Stephanie has worked in marketing for over 8 years in various business sectors. She loves exploring and taking part in tours & activities around the world.

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