Meet your Customer Success Managers

Posted by Nicole Kow on Apr 13, 2017

When you first sign up with a booking software company, you'll be led through an onboarding process, which is a fancy term to refer to the process of getting new customers started. 
This includes training and educating new customers (you) about the software and how they can maximise returns on this investment. The onboarding process can take anywhere between a few days to a month or more, depending on your tech savviness and how much customisation your business requires. 
At TrekkSoft, here's how customers are onboarded to ensure a smooth transition and to get your tours and activities bookable online as quick as possible. 
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We've upgraded our mobile app and here's why we're really excited about it!

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 14, 2017

At TrekkSoft, one of our biggest promise to you is that you'll be able to manage your business anytime, anywhere. Over the past few months, our product team has been collecting feedback from users of the app and working hard to figure out a better way to deliver our biggest promise. 

Today, we're glad to tell you that you can manage your business on-the-go a whole lot better. 

Let's take a look at what you can do with the mobile app, shall we?

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We're partnering with Transfer & Activities Bank to power up real-time bookings

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 6, 2017

We're excited to partner with Transfer & Activity Bank (TAB), a part of the Hotelbeds Group, the number one bedbank in the world. 

Suppliers can now seamlessly upload their products onto TAB through a streamlined contracting process and product mapping between suppliers and TAB’s distribution network. Once uploaded, agents and resellers can book from suppliers’ live inventory, opening up more opportunities for last minute, in-destination bookings and better guest experience for ticket validation.   

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Here's what you can look forward to in 2017 (5 TrekkSoft upgrades coming your way!)

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 1, 2017

We've said this before and we'll say it again, TrekkSoft is all about putting our customers first.
Over the years, we've made it our priority to listen to users and use their feedback to improve the software and introduce upgrades that have been much requested.
So, what upgrades can you look forward to this 2017?
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Our take on the opportunities to go after in Phocuswright's "Global Travel Activities 2014-2020: Tours & Attractions Come of Age"

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Feb 23, 2017

Due to be released in the second quarter of 2017, the Phocuswright Special Project "Global Travel Activities 2014-2020: Tours & Attractions Come of Age" dives into the issues and trends transforming tours and activities. As sponsors of the project, TrekkSoft has had a first glimpse at the findings. Phocuswright research is always top-quality, and with this report they deliver yet another catalyst for a major industry shift.

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TrekkSoft World Adventures – the 2016 edition

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Jan 2, 2017

From the very beginning, TrekkSoft has been about adventure – and we've stuck to our roots. As the team has grown to over seventy people, mostly based in our HQ in Interlaken, Switzerland - we've kept hiring adventurous types who climb, ski, hike, bike, or swim on any given weekend.

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7 things you can do with TrekkSoft's Accommodation feature

Posted by Nicole Kow on Dec 13, 2016

Renting your own properties or reselling bed nights is a great way to expand your business and give your customers an all-in-one package at your destination. Whether you've been doing this for a while or if you've just started out, TrekkSoft's Accommodation feature can help you streamline your bookings and reduce admin. 

Since the release of our new accommodation feature in October, we've found that our customers are benefiting from it in interesting ways. It has given them the opportunity to forge new relationships with local accommodation providers and offer a more extensive and wholesome experience to their customrs. 

Here are 7 ways you can benefit from TrekkSoft's Accommodation feature.

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Here's how operators can apply variable tax rates for different activity components

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Dec 9, 2016

For many tour and activity operators, tax can cause a few complications. You might require different VAT rates for different components of an activity, for instance, such as when detailing the net amount, variable VAT rates, and gross amount on a receipt.

If your activity consists of a kayak trip with a guide, lunch and transportation, and they are all taxed differently, with TrekkSoft you will be able to determine what portion of the total activity price a certain tax will be. This is made possible with our new Extended Tax Feature.

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TrekkSoft partners with Bokun to consolidate European travel market

Posted by Nicole Kow on Nov 21, 2016

We've partnered with Bókun, the leading tourism sales platform based in Iceland. Combined, TrekkSoft and Bókun will offer a B2B marketplace with over 30,000 bookable products.

The TrekkSoft-Bókun B2B marketplace will be the biggest inventory list in Europe, eglobal resellers to “have Europe covered” in terms of inventory. The existing 2000+ combined clients using Bókun and TrekkSoft will also be able to resell each other’s products via the joint marketplace. 

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Our 3 favorite highlights from WTM London 2016

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Nov 14, 2016

TrekkSoft sent a team of 13 to London this year to meet, learn from and grow with people from all over the world. World Travel Market is the place to connect with and build up a diverse, innovative network of experts in the tourism industry. We found ourselves meeting with longtime customers, brand new companies and tastemakers; but above all, we spent the week among friends. 

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