Forget printed tickets. Why not use mobile tickets instead?

Published by Nicole Kow on Jan 17, 2018

According to eMarketer, “there are two important milestones to watch for in the coming years. By 2019, digital travel sales will surpass $200 billion for the first time in history, and by 2020, mobile travel sales will surpass $100 billion.”

It will come as no surprise then that travellers are getting used to researching, planning and booking flights, car rentals, accommodation and other travel related purchases on mobile.

In 2017 in the US, 140.3 million adults researched a trip online and 101.4 million did so via their smartphones, growing by 13.1% in 2016. eMarketer also predicted that 57.5 million adults will use their smartphones to book a trip, up 14.1% from 2016.

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Cut out more admin work and save time by integrating your TrekkSoft account to Zapier

Published by Nicole Kow on Jan 9, 2018

Zapier allows you to connect your apps and automate your workflows. Each connection you create is called a Zap. It is commonly used to automate repetitive tasks without having to learn a single line of code.

Apps include Facebook, Gmail, MailChimp, and even TrekkSoft; while a workflow is a series of actions that happen in a specific order. A workflow therefore begins with a trigger action.

Say you want to create an invoice for each booking, you can easily set that up with Zapier. Here, your Zap is the connection between your booking software and your accounting software, your trigger is a new booking received via TrekkSoft's booking system, and the workflow is the task of creating an invoice.

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How to set up a blog with your TrekkSoft website

Published by Nicole Kow on Dec 13, 2017

After wrapping up the recent webinar I ran about writing content that converts, it occurred to me that we didn't actually tell you how to set up a blog with your TrekkSoft website.

So without further ado, here's how you do it.


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15 FREE TOOLS that make it easy to supercharge your TrekkSoft website

Published by Nicole Kow on Sep 22, 2017

Having a stellar website is key to attracting people to your site and having engaging content while they browse your site, read about your tours and book a trip with you. 

Beyond setting up your TrekkSoft site, you'll need to constantly work on it, tweak it and monitor it to constantly optimise your booking conversion rates.

Here are 15 free tools you can use to create engaging visuals, improve your content and supercharge your SEO. 

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How to track your monthly sales and marketing performance [FREE TEMPLATE]

Published by Nicole Kow on Aug 11, 2017

Let me ask you this: Do you know how your sales and marketing efforts are translating into actual bookings and profits for your company? Can you tell me which marketing channels are bringing in the most results? How are you measuring your performance? Do you know what your numbers are telling you?

At the end of the day, you can't manage what you don't measure. 

Regardless of how you're tracking your monthly bookings and sales, you need to make time each month to review your numbers to get an overview of your performance. 

To make life a little easier, we've created a system to help you keep track of your monthly performance. 

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5 things your booking management tool needs to grow your tour and activity business partnerships

Published by Nicole Kow on Jul 19, 2017

In the tour and activity sector, it is common for companies to work together to deliver a more fulfilling experience to travellers.

For example, a surf camp may work with a transfer company to pick up passengers from the airport and send them to the camp site. At the same time, camp organisers can also promote day tours run by external operators to give customers more activities to do when they're not by the sea. 

From that example alone, you can see how different businesses tend to work together to provide customers with a variety of experiences throughout their holiday. 

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7 ways to effectively onboard your seasonal staff

Published by Nicole Kow on Jul 14, 2017

The first day on a new job is always a little nerve wrecking. Do you remember the first day at your company? What was it like? What do you wish you knew when you first started? 

To effectively onboard your seasonal guides, you need to put yourself in their shoes to understand what level of support and guidance they need to hit the ground running. 

Here are 7 things you can do to make sure your seasonal team is at peak performance the minute they arrive. 

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Final checks to make sure your booking system is ready for the high season

Published by Nicole Kow on Jun 29, 2017

The high season is finally here and as you begin to run your tours and activities, make sure to find time to run last-minute checks on a crucial part of your business - your online booking system.

The last thing you want over the high season is to lose out on all those last-minute bookings that take place online or on mobile sites.

Make time to run a full booking test and look out for these four things that could make or break your booking system.

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How to create a profit and loss statement for tour and activity operators

Published by Nicole Kow on May 4, 2017

A Profit and Loss (or P&L) statement is usually calculated quarterly to give businesses an overview of how they're performing financially. It is "a financial statement that summarises the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specific period of time".

For tour and activity companies, it is especially important to know where your business stands at any given month, especially during the high and low seasons. Having such reports can help you predict what the following year might look like and gives you an idea of how you can drive more bookings.

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How to make the most of your booking engine

Published by Nicole Kow on Feb 15, 2017

Do you already have a booking engine that takes care of all your online bookings? If so, how can you make the most out of this tool to create a bigger impact in your business?

An online booking software can play a vital role in growing your business if you know how to leverage on this powerful tool.

Here are a few ideas.

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