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10 reasons why email marketing should be a major part of your marketing strategy

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Jul 17, 2015

As companies around the world are spending huge amounts of budgets on apps, social media advertising and experiential marketing among other things, there is a form of marketing that has been around years and should be part of everybody’s marketing plans – email.
Email addresses from your customers are valuable assets and every time you get one you should see it as one more step to a conversion. If you’re not sold, here are 10 reasons you should be engaging in email marketing. You can read part two of this post here.

1. Almost everybody has an email address

As much as you might think everybody has a Facebook account, the reality is they don’t. But the fact of the matter is that today 95% of online consumers have an email address. By including email marketing into your overall marketing plans you’re giving yourself the opportunity to reach more people.


2. Almost everybody has a smartphone

I’ve already written about how the shift to mobile affects your tour or activity company. Since there are so many smartphones, you can reach your customers’ pockets via email marketing. Almost everybody who has a modern phone is going to have their email connected to it.


3. You can personalise promotional emails

If you’ve got the first and surname of a potential customer (or existing one) as well as their email address, you can personalise the email they receive from you. Using the technology of most ESP (Email Service Providers) you can ensure the subject line says ‘Hi <name>…’ as well as the intro to the email. This is something you can’t do with other types of online marketing.

4. You can feature more products well in the one blast

With a Facebook post or a tweet, you can feature one product well or multiple products via a link. But as marketing emails contain multiple messages rather than just one, you can promote more of your products in one campaign with email marketing.

5. You can use emails to find your customers on other channels

Recently Facebook and Twitter introduced a new way of creating groups of people to target with ads – by using their email address. Facebook calls these ‘Custom Audiences’ while Twitter has named them ‘Tailored Audiences’.


How it works is this – you get an email list and upload it to one of these social networks. They then tell you, of those people on the list, who have an account with their social network and who isn’t following you. You then create ads for those that don’t follow you since you’ve already a relationship with them. Simple.

6. Your email will actually reach the intended destination

Due to Facebook’s ever-tweaked algorithm, you’re not guaranteed those who like your page will see what you post. Similar with a tweet – your followers might not be online when your share a 140-character message.

Send an email though, and unless the email address is dormant or the spam police pull you over, your email will reach its final destination. Sure, not everybody will open it, but at least they’ll have the choice to read it or not.

7. They’ve a longer life span than other social posts

Depending on what report you read, the average tweet has a lifespan of approximately 24 minutes. It is said a Facebook post lasts approximately 6 hours. An email on the other hand stays in somebody’s inbox until they open it. With most people opening their email within 48 hours, emails have a longer lifespan than other ways of online marketing.


8. Emails drive a lot of traffic

If you’re looking for a blast of traffic, email is one of the best ways to get it. CTRs (Click Through Rates) on emails can be quite high if you optimise your email correctly and the content is right. Send an email and you’re guaranteed your traffic statistics will be quite high the day after send out.

9. They’re great for promoting new products, campaigns or sales

With all the above in mind, promotional emails are a great way to promote what’s new in your company. So whether it’s a flash sale, a new product or a seasonal campaign, an email campaign is a great way to reach the right eyeballs.


10. Measurement is easier for email marketing

One issue many people have with social media is tracking the ROI (Return On Investment). Facebook and Twitter will tell you how many people you’ve reached, but telling whether or not they actually read what you’ve published is difficult.


Is email marketing a big part of your marketing strategy? Click here for part two of this post.

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Written by Colm Hanratty

Colm is Founder and Managing Director of digital marketing agency Sixtwo Digital. After running’s content and social media for almost 11 years he felt it was time to branch out on his own, using all his experience to educate others in the travel space.

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