Facebook City Guides: what is it and how will it impact travel?

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Mar 23, 2017

This article was originally published in Spanish by María Eugenia Coppola on March 8 2017.

Tech spending in travel – and in particular, around experiences – is definitely having a moment.

Lately we've seen the rise of Airbnb Experiences, Google Trips, Google Local Guides, and now Facebook City Guides. While City Guides is still being tested in the United States, it's estimated that it will reach the rest of the world during the first half of 2017. 

As a professional in the tourism sector, it's worth you knowing what Facebook City Guides is, what it offers to consumers, and what impact it might have on tours and activities.

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The true value of a niche marketing strategy

Posted by Omo & Eulanda from Hey! Dip your toes in on Mar 22, 2017

Editor's note: This is a guest post from Omo and Eulanda, co-founders of Hey! Dip Your Toes In (HDYTI), a platform promoting creative digital content with a focus on global travel and food culture. Find out more about how to develop a niche marketing strategy of your own with Omo and Eulanda by signing up for our upcoming webinar. Details at the end of the post.

Have you ever heard of a ‘mancation’?

According to the Euromonitor 2016 World Travel Market report, hotels and online travel agents are seeing an increase in the popularity of ‘male-only activity holidays’.

Savvy tour and activity operators are starting to develop packages and marketing strategies to target this particularly attractive niche.

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Get a personalised assessment of your business with our Business Improvement Scorecard [Free Tool]

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 21, 2017

No matter where in your business you might be, whether you're established or have only just joined the game - there's always always room for improvement. There might be a million things that you want to implement or start, but might not be sure which to prioritise first. 

To help you understand where you should focus your energy on, we've created a simple quiz for tour and activity operators. Think of this tool as a consultant, except that it's online and the consultation is carried out virtually.

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How to know when you’re ready for booking software as a tour and activity company

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Mar 20, 2017

You most likely know about the advantages of booking software. But how do you know when your tour and activity company is ready to invest in it? You might be wondering if the additional cost is really worth it, especially when you have things like seasonality to deal with.

Here's our advice to help you know when it's time to make the call to get set up with a booking system like TrekkSoft.

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Last week in Berlin: Our favorite moments at ITB Berlin 2017

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Mar 20, 2017

With ITB Berlin a week behind us, we're still unpacking the experiences we shared there. If you've been to ITB before (especially this year's), you know how incredible the event is for networking, building partnerships, and informing yourself about the year's most important information.

The week was a success and we'd love to share some of our favorite quotes and personal highlights from the event. 

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The best lifestyle hashtags for walking tour operators to use on Instagram

Posted by Sea Iris on Mar 17, 2017

I know what you're thinking, hashtags are confusing enough, so "what on earth is a 'lifestyle hashtag'?" I mean, come on, you're a tour operator, not a database engineer!

To keep the use of hashtags as simple as possible, just think of them as a basic organisational tool, like a label on paper folders.

Social media users can find or organise information on a given topic by adding '#example' to an entry, and easily finding relevant information later in their own entries or discovering it in shared posts by others.

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4 key trends to watch for this year (according to Phocuswright)

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Mar 16, 2017

Phocuswright conducted a recent study that would look into the tours and attractions industry worldwide. The findings resulted in the project Global Travel Activites 2014-2020: Tours & Attractions Come of Age, which will be released in the next few months.

TrekkSoft was given a first look at the findings and our take on it was published on Tnooz a few weeks ago. Unsurprising of a report titled "come of age", the findings reveal that companies will need to adapt if they want to stay relevant.

But what does that look like? Here are four key trends and behaviors discussed in the report.

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We've upgraded our mobile app and here's why we're really excited about it!

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 14, 2017

At TrekkSoft, one of our biggest promise to you is that you'll be able to manage your business anytime, anywhere. Over the past few months, our product team has been collecting feedback from users of the app and working hard to figure out a better way to deliver our biggest promise. 

Today, we're glad to tell you that you can manage your business on-the-go a whole lot better. 

Let's take a look at what you can do with the mobile app, shall we?

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5 tips for tour and activity companies to build a stand-out brand

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 10, 2017

To break through the noise, tour and activity companies need a business strategy that will help them stand out. Most business gurus will tell you to start by choosing your niche, but as more and more businesses join the industry, choosing your niche is no longer enough. 

Within every niche, there will inevitably be multiple competitors vying for the same market and thus the onus is on you to convince this market that you are capable and experienced enough to deliver a better experience than your competitors. 

A double-edge sword you have at your disposal is your brand. Invest in it, build it up well and continue evolving it alongside your customers' evolving desires, and it will repay you generously. On the other hand, fail to care, manage and maintain your brand and it will bring you zero returns, or actually incur losses. 

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Highlights from Day Two of ITB Berlin 2017

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Mar 10, 2017

ITB Berlin is the biggest travel trade show event of the year. I've had the privilege of attending it with members of our Sales and Marketing department.

Whether you couldn't make it to ITB or simply couldn't check out everything that's going on, here are some of our favorite highlights from day two in Berlin!

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