5 things your booking management tool needs to grow your tour and activity business partnerships

Published by Nicole Kow on Jul 19, 2017

In the tour and activity sector, it is common for companies to work together to deliver a more fulfilling experience to travellers.

For example, a surf camp may work with a transfer company to pick up passengers from the airport and send them to the camp site. At the same time, camp organisers can also promote day tours run by external operators to give customers more activities to do when they're not by the sea. 

From that example alone, you can see how different businesses tend to work together to provide customers with a variety of experiences throughout their holiday. 

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3 ways to re-engage old customers before the high season

Published by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jul 18, 2017

At TrekkSoft, we work with companies in a variety of fields. From active brands guiding snowboarders along the Swiss Alps to boating excursions that bring customers on a new adventure in the sea.

But no matter what your company does or which season it thrives in, there's one thing you all have in common: a high season! A time when travelers are flocking to your destination and looking for new experiences.

From tourism to retail, most businesses know to place emphasis on new customers. But what about existing and former customers? Today we're going to go over three simple ways to re-engage with past customers just in time for your busiest season.

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7 ways to effectively onboard your seasonal staff

Published by Nicole Kow on Jul 14, 2017

The first day on a new job is always a little nerve wrecking. Do you remember the first day at your company? What was it like? What do you wish you knew when you first started? 

To effectively onboard your seasonal guides, you need to put yourself in their shoes to understand what level of support and guidance they need to hit the ground running. 

Here are 7 things you can do to make sure your seasonal team is at peak performance the minute they arrive. 

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4 ways to stay organized during the high season

Published by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jul 13, 2017

In the TrekkSoft content team, we love good organization. That's why we rely on tools like Hubspot, Evernote, and dapulse each day. We know that with the right tools, we're able to stay up to date with all of our projects.

The same is true for a tour or activity company. With the right tools, you'll have the ability to move your business forward even during your busiest time. We've talked about how to increase your bookings during high season, but not so much about what to do once you've gained them.

Here are our organization tips for the times when you might have more bookings than you know what to do with. 

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5 ways to drive last-minute bookings with Google AdWords on a tight budget

Published by Nicole Kow on Jul 12, 2017

Summer is here and there are a few things you can do to get those last couple of spaces booked up to maximise profits. 

One of them is by strategically advertising your tours or activities to last-minute, in-destination bookers using Google AdWords.

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Last-minute booking trends for tours and activities [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published by Nicole Kow on Jul 7, 2017

While it's common for travellers to book a tour or activity offline in your office or at your destination's visitor information center, the ability to book and pay for a trip online, one day in advance, via mobile, is relatively new. 

Previously, last-minute bookings have mostly revolved around bed nights sold by hotels and other types of accommodation providers. But that trend is slowly, and surely, seeping into the tours and activities sector as more tour and activity operators invest in a professional website with online booking and payment capabilities.

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4 steps to convince your boss to let you go to that event

Published by M. Giulia Biagiotti on Jul 6, 2017

Editor's note: This article was originally written in Italian and translated by M. Giulia Biagiotti. You can find the original article here. 

The most exciting travel and tourism trade show of the Italian industry is BIT! Are you going to the next one? Hmm... okay, maybe not so much. Your boss has decided that it's not worth it to let you participate.

"If we all go we'll be behind on scheduled activities"

"Your presence at the tradeshow is not necessary"

"If you are not in the office, the evil monkey in the locker will conquer the place and fill our PCs with bananas"

Who knows how many objections you have received when you've asked to participate in events and tradeshows? But there's still time to act! Whether you want to participate for personal professional reasons or for your business, you can still convince your boss to let you go. Today we'll tell you how.

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Is influencer marketing in travel doomed to vanish?

Published by Naully Nicolas on Jul 5, 2017

This is a guest post contributed by marketing expert Naully Nichols, who will also be hosting a webinar with TrekkSoft next week. Learn more here.  

By nature, travel is an industry driven by inspiration. We all have destinations we want to see and things we want to do there. That can be inspired by family, friends, dreams, or entertainment – just to name a few. 

But as social media networks continue to grow, our inspiration to travel is influenced more and more through these platforms. This phenomenon has given rise to the age of the influencers. Companies are working with these key people to sell and market their products or services. It's become an important part of sales and marketing worldwide.

But is that doomed to vanish? Let's take a look at a few things.

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5 quick hacks to spruce up your website right now

Published by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jul 4, 2017

If you've been reading our articles and resources for a while, you may have noticed something about the TrekkSoft content team. We're in the business of hacking. (No, not that kind of hacking. Though we do have a lot to thank our fantastic developers for!)

I'm talking about the sort of tips and tricks that help tour and activity providers do their best work, sell more bookings, and cut out all the wasted time! We want you to be punctual, effective, and offer something you can feel proud of.

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Your quick guide for a TripAdvisor profile that will stop customers in their tracks

Published by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jun 30, 2017

Did you know that a majority of customers decide whether or not to make a purchase based on an average of six reviews That means you need to be where the customers are searching.  For tourism experts, TripAdvisor is a must!  

But it's not enough to just be there. You need a fresh and functional profile if you want to attract customers as well. 

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