Spotlight: the magic of adventure tours with TrekkSoft customer WildSicily

Posted by M. Giulia Biagiotti on Jun 28, 2017

They say that when passion becomes your job, it's no longer a job. And when you are passionate about your home country and your culture, there is no better way to show it than by highlighting its beauty to the world.

Today we have been speaking to Andrea Giardina, Director of WildSicily, to hear about his experience of building off-track adventure tours on the magnificent island of Sicily.

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Spotlight on Matilde Atorino, CEO of BIKENBIKE, where innovation meets cycle tourism

Posted by M. Giulia Biagiotti on Jun 23, 2017

Editor's note: This article was originally written in Italian and translated by Giulia Biagiotti. You can find the original article here

For a while now, bike tours and cycle tourism has been an established trend across Europe. For Italy, it seems that this year will be a great one for bike tours across the country as the this emerging trend continues to grow and fully embraces its potential. 

For this interview, we're delighted to speak to Matilde Atorino, CEO of BIKENBIKE, a social platform founded in 2016 that aims to connect travellers who love exploring on two wheels with locals who enjoy showing off their destination in the same way.

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4 channels to collect customer feedback you’re probably missing

Posted by Alexa Lemzy on Jun 21, 2017

Editor's note: This is a translation of the original German guest post published on TrekkSoft Deutsch.

When you’re in the eCommerce business, customer feedback should be the backbone of your marketing and sales strategy. Today, you have the power of the internet behind you. In the tourism sector, this is great news, especially with the multiple channels available to you today. 

You may be wondering why it's necessary to utilize multiple channels to collect customer satisfaction data.

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4 ways to adapt your tours for Baby Boomers

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Jun 15, 2017

Whether you know them as senior citizens or "super adults", the 65+ crowd is traveling now more than ever before. According to AARP, it was estimated in 2016 that most Baby Boomers are expected to travel at least a short distance for leisure within the next two years. Those numbers are expected to remain high well beyond 2020.

It’s looking like the Boomers are in the midst of their biggest travel boom. Now is the time to find out if your company is ready to offer an enjoyable experience for customers regardless of their age or ability level.

If you're not sure, not to worry. Here are some tips to help you offer a better travel experience for every customer that books with you.

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3 ways the TrekkSoft booking system delights customers

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jun 6, 2017

One of the most common questions people ask about when they're looking for a booking system is "Which one should I go for?"

Common advice would tell you to go for a system that meets the requirements of your company now and in the future. Where's your company headed? Can the booking software take you there?

With all the different booking software providers out there, advice like that doesn't make the search for any easier. So, based on what our customers have told us, I've compiled a ways we at TrekkSoft continue to delight and impress our customers. 

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7 strategies to work with influencers to grow your tour or activity company

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Jun 2, 2017

Every year in the marketing world, particularly in the land of social media, there’s a buzzword that everyone is talking about. For the last 18 months its been Snapchat, but that bubble is slowly bursting with Instagram and Facebook cloning its offering for each of their platforms.

This has paved the way for the ‘next big thing’. I can now inform you that this latest big thing is influencer marketing – the act of engaging with a digital influencer i.e. somebody who has a blog with a lot of traffic or a large social media following on one or multiple channels.

If you’re thinking of engaging in this type of marketing in 2017, you should first of all read my post on how to get noticed by influencers as well as my other post on working with travel bloggers. Once you have, here are seven ways you can collaborate with influencers to increase awareness and sales for your business...

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5 crucial reasons to prioritise your customer experience

Posted by Flora Frichou on Jun 1, 2017

Editor's note: This is a guest post by Flora Fichou, a Content Strategist at Trustpilot Berlin. You can find the original article in German here

Customer experience is how customers perceive their interactions with your company. A successful strategy should be useful, practical, and enjoyable to the customer.

So why has customer experience become such a hot topic today? Consumer expectations today are higher, word of mouth travels faster.

Purchasers are empowered like never before and great customer experience drives loyalty and revenue. Leaders in customer experience reach an average of 17% on revenue growth within 5 years, whereas poorer customer experience attain only 3% over the same period.

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We're partnering with Hotelbeds group to power up real-time bookings

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jun 1, 2017

Access the press release (PDF) here: Hotelbeds taps into TrekkSoft to power real-time bookings for in-destination experiences 

We're excited to partner with the Hotelbeds Group, the number one bedbank in the world.

Through this partnership, tour and activity providers can now seamlessly upload their products onto Transfer & Activity Bank (a division of the Hotelbeds Group) through a streamlined contracting process and product mapping between suppliers and TAB’s distribution network. Once uploaded, agents and resellers can book from suppliers’ live inventory, opening up more opportunities for last minute, in-destination bookings and better guest experience for ticket validation.   

TrekkSoft is the only booking software provider to offer such sophisticated levels of back-end integrations with TAB. It truly simplifies the distribution and communication processes throughout the entire supply chain. 

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8 ways an online booking solution will change your tour and activity business

Posted by Nicole Kow on May 26, 2017

Looking for newer solutions to streamline your day-to-day operations can be daunting. If you're unsure about what to expect from an online booking system, are unsure of how it can impact your tour and activity business, or perhaps aren't clear about whether you need one in the first place, read on. 

Based on what our customers have said, here are 8 benefits for your business after adopting an all-in-one booking solution. 

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Practical ways to adapt your tours for disabled travelers

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on May 25, 2017

The joys of traveling should be accessible to anyone. It is one of life’s most enriching experiences. It helps us to experience something new that expands the way we view the world around us, and it could ultimately shape the way we live.

But not everyone can travel the same way. There is a lot that goes into planning a trip, tour or activity and for some, there are additional factors to consider. Every person has a different ability level, and there should be options to make it possible for all of us to share in the beautiful experiences that come with travel.

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