Here's an in-depth feature comparison between TrekkSoft, Rezgo, Peek, FareHarbor, Rezdy and Checkfront

Posted by Nicole Kow on Apr 11, 2017

Having been in the tour and activity space for almost seven years now, we at TrekkSoft are very much aware of our competitors - who they are, what they're good at, what they're not so good at. 

So we thought we'd share some of that insight with you. 

As a whole, players in this niche industry offer fantastic customer support. Go on any software review site like GetApp or Capterra and you'll find customers singing praises about the support they've received at various stages of their businesses. 

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Announcing TrekkSoft's new pricing plan

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 6, 2017

The TrekkSoft team is constantly looking for ways to improve our services. We value your opinion and that's why when something doesn't work, we listen. You spoke up about our pricing options and we realized there had to be a way to create better options for everybody. We are happy to announce a new pricing plan.  

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Spotlight Interview: Brewer's Berlin Tours

Posted by Franziska Klein on Apr 4, 2017

We spoke to Mate from Brewer's Berlin Tours (also a TrekkSoft customer!), a company run by "a tight-knit team of Berliners who walk the German capital's streets in the name of Terry Brewer — the man, myth and legend who led tours across the Berlin Wall for allied personnel in the 1960s."

In this Spotlight interview, Mate shares how his company has evolved in the last few years to adapt to the competitive walking tours market in Berlin, and how accepting bookings online has set their business up for success.

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How Instagram has changed the tourism and travel industry

Posted by M. Giulia Biagiotti on Apr 4, 2017

This is a translation of the original Italian guest post from Cinzia di Martino.

Have you noticed how Instagram has become a place to share more emotional travel experiences ? Say you have dinner at a local restaurant and are impressed and surprised by what you're served. You try to immortalise your experience in a photograph by sharing it with a larger audience via social media
Sharing travel experiences today is a lot more sophisticated than old paper guidebooks we could only buy in bookstores some twenty years ago .
With social media, everyone is a potential ambassador of the places and people encountered during a trip .
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Increase bookings and gain better reviews on TripAdvisor [Ebook download]

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Apr 3, 2017

TripAdvisor has been one of the most influential networks for the tour and activity industry in recent years. Companies of all sizes can benefit from joining the site. From guides to activity providers, you have the chance to build up an online space to generate positive reviews and unlimited selling potential.

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100 ideas for tour and activity operators to get more bookings & grow their business

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Mar 30, 2017

This is a collaborative post between myself, Lucy Fuggle and Nicole Kow

Over the years, we've been able to learn a lot about what businesses do to get more bookings. That's why we decided to compile a list of ways tour and activity operators can grow their business.

From networking to keeping a happy headquarters, here are 100 ways that tour and activity providers can grow their business:  

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Join our new DIY Website Upgrade email course! [5 lessons delivered straight to your inbox]

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 30, 2017

Your website is the most important marketing and sales channel for your tour or activity company. Built and developed well, it can help you take in bookings long after you've logged off your email account, turned off your laptop and gone to bed. Depending on how much attention you give it, it can be your best sales rep or your worst
That's why we created this email course - To help you identify where your website needs a litte boost and to provide you with incredibly practical tips and tricks to improve. 
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What online tools should you use if you're not ready for a booking software?

Posted by Nicole Kow on Mar 29, 2017

Have you just started your tour or activity business? In the early stages of your business and not sure what tools to use to manage your tours and activites? Are you searching for solutions to market your trips effectively, collect customer information and improve customer communications?

With a laptop, smartphone, the magic of tech and these 7 tools, get your startup tour or activity company off the ground and establish your position in the market.

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7 Ways to spring clean your online life

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Mar 24, 2017

It's that time of year again. The birds are chirping, the flowers are starting to bloom, and after an icy Swiss winter, we're ready for the fresh start spring brings with it.

It's a time to start putting away the heavy wool sweaters and dusting off the outdoor furniture. Since everyone is in that "spring cleaning" mood, it's a good time to start polishing up your web presence as well. Here are seven simple tips to clean out your website, social media channels and other parts of your online life.

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Increase your productivity with our new social media planner

Posted by Sara Napier Burkhard on Mar 24, 2017

Social media is a never-ending task and it can feel overwhelming. You might struggle with figuring out when to post, why to post, and even which channels to spend your time on. Especially if your main focus isn't marketing or media. 

That's why we've created an organized approach to planning out your social media schedule. For the days you're feeling unsure or when you just want a bit more organization, we've created an easy-to-use printable. It will help you to organize your entire week of social media posts in one convenient place. 

But first, we want to share a few social media best practices with you that will streamline your entire social presence.

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