Why charging your customers a booking fee hurts your business

Published by Nicole Kow on Sep 27, 2017

Booking fees, transaction fees, resort fees, service fees and whatever else they're called, no one likes them. 

This is especially the case for "surprise" fees that pop up only at the end of the booking process, a practice commonly adopted by companies like Ticketmaster and Seatwave. 

A quick Google search on "How to avoid hidden travel booking fees" produces over 35 million articles that discuss the various hidden fees consumers regularly come across. (My favourite one is the "print at home fee" where Ticketmaster charges you a fee to print your own tickets in your own home.)

The thing to note here is that people, your customers, are going online to look for ways to avoid those fees. If they can't find a way to avoid it, they might avoid your services altogether. 

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15 FREE TOOLS that make it easy to supercharge your TrekkSoft website

Published by Nicole Kow on Sep 22, 2017

Having a stellar website is key to attracting people to your site and having engaging content while they browse your site, read about your tours and book a trip with you. 

Beyond setting up your TrekkSoft site, you'll need to constantly work on it, tweak it and monitor it to constantly optimise your booking conversion rates.

Here are 15 free tools you can use to create engaging visuals, improve your content and supercharge your SEO. 

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3 things every DMO should know about its local tour operators

Published by Sara Napier Burkhard on Sep 19, 2017

At TrekkSoft, we work with a number of destination marketing companies, from Visit Meteora to Tourism Interlaken. We know that DMO and DMOCs are the core of the tourism business in most communities. It's their support that can make all the difference in distribution, supply management, and valuable exposure.

Hotels and hostels around the globe rely on the partnerships they gain from destination marketing organizations (DMOs). But one of the most important relationships a DMO can have is with their local tour and activity providers. Here are three important things every DMO needs to know about its tour operators. 

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5 people who actually influence your customer's travel planning and purchase decisions

Published by Nicole Kow on Sep 18, 2017

Marketing your trips to groups can be tricky. Whether it's marketing to a family or a group of friends, there's always someone who has the most influence over the final purchase decision. 
As a tour and activity operator, you need to understand who this person is and speak directly to them if you want their business. 
I've combed through academic research papers to find out who these purchase influencers are, and how you can tailor your marketing messages to get noticed by purchase influencers and convince them to book a trip with you. 
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TrekkSoft is now working together with renowned destination Bologna, Italy

Published by Sara Napier Burkhard on Sep 13, 2017

We are proud to announce a collaboration with Bologna Welcome, the official Convention and Visitors Bureau of Bologna, Italy. The destination has seen steady growth in tourism in recent years. With its supply system, product development, and diverse market, Bologna Welcome has encouraged and supported the metropolitan city’s tourism efforts.

TrekkSoft will be working together to help promote and market the metropolitan region. As a leader in software solutions for booking management, this new collaboration will make it possible for customers to purchase tours and activities directly from the Bologna Welcome website. 

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65 travel & tourism statistics to know about in 2017 and 2018

Published by Lucy Fuggle on Sep 8, 2017

Our travel trends content is a staple part of what we produce at TrekkSoft, from our annual trend reports to our blog content. Through it, we want to help tour operators and destinations to better understand what's shaping the industry – and help them to respond in the best way possible. 

One year on from our 70 travel and tourism statistics to know about in 2016, we wanted to freshen things up. So here you go, a selection of our own data insights plus the research we've been talking about most here at TrekkSoft HQ.

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3 website changes you can make right now to improve your conversion rate

Published by Lindsay Young on Sep 6, 2017

As marketers, we’re always looking for ways to prove our efforts are worthwhile, both in terms of time and money. One of the best ways to measure that is by checking out your website’s conversion rate. The term ‘conversion’ refers to desired actions visitors make on your website. A few common conversions include signing up for a newsletter, downloading a document, or submitting a request for a quote, but the most common (and usually most sought after) conversion is a purchase.

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3 things you're doing that probably drive your customers AWAY

Published by Nicole Kow on Aug 30, 2017

All that matters at the end of the day is whether or not your website drives your business forward.

For that to happen, you need to make sure that your website and booking process is optimised for conversions throughout the customer's online buying journey. 

If your company isn't using an online booking tool yet, perhaps it's time to look into it. For companies who already have an online booking solution, here are 3 you're probably doing that drive your customers away.

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5 ideas to celebrate the end of the high season

Published by Sara Napier Burkhard on Aug 23, 2017

This summer we've taken the time to write about how you can organize a successful high season. We've offered advice on everything from maximizing profits to re-engaging with past customers. But now it's time to think about how you'll bring this busy season to an end.

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5 quick wins to improve your customer experience in 5 minutes

Published by Nicole Kow on Aug 22, 2017

In an industry that relies on face-to-face interaction and IRL experiences (that's In Real Life if you're not sure), it's easy to forget how your online presence and digitial tools can impact your customer experiences. 

Here's a friendly reminder that a poor online experience before your customer even sets foot in your destination can cost you bookings and revenue. 

With that in mind, take 5 minutes each day to practise these one of these 5 tips so that you're always putting your best foot forward around the world wide web.

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