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Published by Ilse | May 12, 2015 | | 4 MIN READ

6 photo apps that turn every tour guide into a professional social media photographer

We have said it before and we will say it again; social media is a treasure for the tour and activity industry. Customers love to share the memorable experiences from your tour with their friends and family. Which basically means free advertising for your brand!

Previously, we discussed ways to integrate social media into tours, Twitter tools that grow account engagement and how Instagram can help you sell tours. Now it is time to discuss the most valuable social media content for the tour and activity industry; photos.


People are able to consume photos without much effort. In less than seconds, a photo can tell you a story that creates impact, triggers emotion and drive engagement. It explains why photos account for 75% of the content on Facebook pages. More important, it also tells you the importance and potential value of adding photos to your own social media channels. 

Never forget that as a tour guide, you do not sell a product or a service. You sell amazing experiences! No words can explain the unique value of these experiences better than photos. Photos speak in a universal language. Allowing you to reach customers around the world without translating content in several languages.

We listed mobile applications that will help you take, edit and manage your tour photos.

Capture the moment!


It is not easy to take sharp pictures when you are a tour operator. Chances are high that your customers rarely sit still. To capture fast-moving actions, opt for the burst mode setting on your camera. A particularly useful camera setting if you organize activities such as outdoor- and watersports.

No burst option on your phone’s camera? Do not worry, these apps allow you to do exactly the same and more!

1) Fast burst camera

By Spritefish - Available for Android - Price: $3.99 

The Fast Burst Camera app allows you to take up to 30 snapshots per second. However, we advise you to lower the shutter speed to 20 or 10 shots per second to prevent a picture overload and save memory space. The app also includes a motion trigger mode to capture sudden movements. Furthermore, do not forget to check out the night vision option. A very cool feature which is especially useful if you organize tours at night.

2) Fast camera 

By i4software - Available for Android and iPhone - Price: $5.99 

Fast Camera is able to capture action and excitement in incredibly sharp pictures. But be careful, the app takes its name very literal. Which means that the moment you open the app, it starts taking pictures at rapid-fire. Before you realize it, you have already taken at least 50 pictures. Our advice is to immediately adjust the default setting, as decreasing the shutter speed will increase the quality of the pictures. 


Edit pictures


So you have successfully taken a great picture. Next step is to enhance the image with a mobile photo-editing app. Play around with filters, exposure, shadows and highlights to make your pictures extra appealing. But do not go too crazy! Keep your images clean and professional and stay far away from photo collages and glitters.

In a pool of thousands of mobile editing apps, it is not easy to pick the app that fits your needs the best. The following mobile photo editing apps are our personal favorites for the tour operator industry.

3) VSCO Cam

By VSCO - Available for Android and iPhone - Price: free

As claimed by many, VSCO Cam is the best free mobile photo editor app out there. The app offers quick filters options that instantly make pictures look more beautiful and professional. We also love the collection advanced editing features such as exposure, contrast and temperature. We love VSCO Cam because of its simplicity. The easy to use interface allows everyone to create stunning pictures.

4) Adobe Photoshop Touch 

By Adobe - Available for Android and iPhone - Price: $4.99 

Do you like to edit images with Adobe Photoshop? You might want to try Adobe Photoshop Touch. The mobile version allows you to edit pictures with classic Photoshop features, such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters. A great advantage is that you can connect the app to your Creative Cloud. This allows you to easily synchronize the files between your phone, tablet and desktop.



Manage pictures 


A very important part of mobile photography is to manage and organize your photos. Do not rely on your phone as you only back-up. You will lose everything when your phone breaks down or gets stolen. Better is to store your pictures on an online platform which you can access at any time from any device.

Since we understand that time is money, we searched for apps that require little effort to effectively manage your photos wherever you are.

5) Dropbox

By Dropbox, Inc - Available for Android and iPhone- Price: free

The beauty of using Dropbox is that it requires very little work to store your pictures online. You just have to download the app and activate the auto-upload feature. It will then automatically save the pictures from your phone to your Dropbox account. It is very easy to organize the photos into folders and give people easy access to these folders.   

6) Google+

By Google, Inc - Available for Android and iPhone - Price: free 

Google+ is a great option for organizations that already work with Google Accounts. The auto-upload function of the app is allowing you to save pictures from your phone to Google Drive. You can then share the pictures to people in specific circles, such as your co-workers. It is also worth to mention that the auto-enhance option from Google+ is remarkable good.  



So we listed photography apps that help you capture the excitement of your tour in action photos. Discussed photo editing apps that easily enhance images to perfection. And since we want you to take countless photos, we also included apps to manage the picture flow. 

Overall, we hope that we have inspired the photographer inside you. Do not forget, practice makes perfect. Go out, use your creative eye and play around with a camera. Better photography skills lead to more engaging social media posts.

Which will make people want to book your tour! Trigger these people to immediately book the tour on your website. You risk losing potential customers if people are unable to online book your tour or activity. This would waste the effort and time you have invested on social media.


Get more pro tips to up your mobile photography game in our free guide by our in-house designer:


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