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Published by Nicole Kow | Dec 11, 2015 | | 3 MIN READ

6 social media tips for Italian food and wine tour operators

By now, everyone understands the importance of social media and how it can positively impact your business. For food and wine tour operators, social media is the best platform for you to share the great experience you want to share with your customers. For Italian food and wine tour operators, this can mean standing out from the crowd or blending in with your competition.

The potential coverage and recognition your company stands to gain from investing time and energy into social media is boundless. However, the opposite is also true. If you don’t pay attention to social media, the chance of you messing up is pretty big.



To help you navigate this potentially confusing terrain, here are 6 social media tips food and wine tour operators should take note of.


1. Hashtags are important, use the right ones

“Choose the wrong tags, and you’re telling the world that you’re a 13-year-old girls who loves hello kitty and pumpkin spice lattes,” according to Regan Hofman who writes on First We Feast

If you’d like to engage with a more travel focused community, read this article to find out the different travel hashtags you can use across your social media channels.

For those who are curious, TrekkSoft has a hashtag too. We love the outdoors and getting ourselves right in the middle of all the action. So, here’s a hashtag to celebrate it all - #tothelifestyle.


2. Instagram is your best friend, it was made for tours like yours

Just look up #foodporn on Instagram and wait for your brain to catch up with your tummy. Look up #travel or #wanderlust and be blown away by some amazing sights and views from travellers all over the world.



What I’m trying to say is this - Instagram was made for tours that overwhelm your senses, like your food and wine tour. It’s a great platform to share tantalising images to your followers and inspire them to travel to your part of the world on their next vacation. Who knows, they might even book a tour or two with you.

Learn more about how to grow your Instagram folloing here. 


3. Work with the right food and travel bloggers

The internet is a wonderful economy, with a lot of very talented people offering their services, including writing great reviews and getting your products known by many. However, there are a few things you should look out for before collaborating with a blogger.

For one, find out how credible the blog is and how many viewers the blog gets each month. That’s a good way to measure how successful your collaboration will turn out. From a practical standpoint, ask for a screenshot for these numbers.

Another thing to think about when working with blogs is the approach the blogger takes to promote and advertise the brands they work with. Have a read through this article about the 10 things readers find annoying about blogs to get a better understanding of how not to reach your audience.

Also, have a read through our post about how to work with travel bloggers to make sure that the collaboration is as successful as it can be.


4. Focus on your content, share amazing stories

“If you offer the ability to book online, your content might be the last thing standing between you and a booking”, according to Greek start up Visit Meteora.

Many of us on the team recommend that you start a blog to promote the unique experiences your company aims to provide. If a blog seems like a little too much work at the moment, taking a second or two to think about a Facebook or Instagram post might do the trick.

Share the stories behind the food. Be honest, be genuine, be real. Your content online is important in ensuring that you are discoverable by potential customers all around the world.




5. Get social on your tours

When it comes to the offline, real life experience you promise to deliver to your customers, sometimes the best way to engage with them on social media. It gives a new dimension to the relationship your company has with your customers.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about integrating social media into your tours and activities. It encourages user generated content, the best way to spread the word about your tour. It’s the internet’s version of the coveted word of mouth. Read this article on how can do so.


6. Share content from other people too! 

Curating a constant stream of content can be difficult, tiresome even. A great way to get around this is to share somebody else’s content. It brings a new dimension into your content stream, a new voice that gives your audience a break from you, which is good every now and then.

For more social media tips and tricks, head over to one of our most popular articles to learn more.

You can also download our free social media handbook for a more in-depth guide to mastering this very important 21st century skill.

Download our social media handbook for tour and activity companies

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