Companies of the Week: All That Munich and Green Island Tours Easter Island

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Nov 1, 2014

This week we feature two new tour and activity companies who all have passionate and well-traveled owners. The result is unique tours and activities, from beer tours with All That Munich to Easter Island tours with Green Island.

All That Munich

munichlogoOur first feature company is All That Munich, a tour company that immerses their guests into Munich culture. The specialized tours are dedicated to showing off what Munich is known for, so while guests are having fun they are also learning. Jaeson Shin and Yvonne Sommerauer are the founders of this company: after traveling through the United States, China, Singapore, and South Korea they decided to settle in Munich (Yvonne is originally from Munich) and begin this company. The unique thing about All That Munich is they are the only tour company in Munich to offer their tours in both English and Korean. They believe Munich is the most liveable city in the world and they want to share it with all walks of life.

All That Munich offers three main tours. First is a City Tour that takes you around Munich. It is perfect for families, or people just arriving in Munich who are looking to get to know the city. It is a walking tour that starts and ends in Marienplatz, and Jaeson and Yvonne entertain their guests withbeer stories about Munich’s history. Germany has become synonymous with beer, and All That Munich also offers a Beer Tour. Guests will learn more about the 600-year-old Munich brewing culture and get to know Munich as the home of beer-gardens, beer-cellars and the Oktoberfest. And speaking of Oktoberfest, the biggest beer festival in the world, guests can book a tour for next year's festival with All That Munich right now. There is nothing like a tour or an activity that comes with beer.


Green Island Tours Easter Island

greeislandlogoWe cap of this week's feature companies with Green Island Tours Easter Island. Easter Island is a special territory of Chile, as a Polynesian island located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. Located thousands of kilometers from its nearest neighbor, very few people get to experience the wonders of Easter Island. It is surrounded by an endless blue ocean, filled with ancient statues from generations past, yet still exudes a modern culture; all in all it is a wonderful place for someone to witness. Native New Zealander Marc Shields, along with his Rapa Nui (native of Easter Island) wife Tuhira Tuki, has made it a mission to welcome guests to their beloved Easter Island.

With the help of TrekkSoft’s Content Management System, Green Island Tours have set up a website that is as welcoming as Easter Island. They offer full day tours that take place on different parts of the island giving guest a chance to experience the diversity of the island.

All tours are guided and Marc believes in enlightening his guests of the rich history of the island, because of this he wants guests to feel as comfortable as possible when they are visiting the island. “we believe it is our obligation to make your visit an unforgettable experience by giving an in-depth understanding of the island's tapestry of history, culture, archeology, and modern day politics. Be it lighting for photos, a relaxed tour pace, hard facts, legendary stories, or avoiding crowds, let us know your needs and we will do our utmost to meet them.”

It is service and dedication like that that we all can appreciate. Kudos Marc!

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Written by Nelson Oduro

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