Companies of the Week: A Time to Give Thanks

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Nov 29, 2014

Tis the holiday to give thanks, and TrekkSoft is forever grateful for all of our loyal customers, that's why we do this weekly series to highlight and thank our customers. so on this holiday weekend we will continue and showcase three more companies in the TrekkSoft family. I hope you picked up some recipes from last week’s companies.

Arequipa’s Cooking Class

ArequipacookinglogoKnowing most of you, especially in the states are spending time with family and enjoying many dishes, I figured I would start of with Arequipa’s Cooking Class. I’m hoping all of the dishes came out just fine, but if they did not you will know where to get cooking lessons from next year. Arequipa’s Cooking Class is located in the Arequipa district of Peru. They are providing guests with the opportunity to “be a Peruvian chef for a day.” Its a great place to go and learn a few dishes during your stay at Peru, Its even great for locals to do something for a day or night because it doubles as a restaurant as well. They have cooking classes for whatever your heart desires.

The location is in a great neighborhood, and all classes take place in a professional kitchen, and not a conventional classroom setting. Arequipa’s Cooking Class employs professional chefs and bartenders who are with you every step of the way. These chefs have some of the most original recipes in Peru, that they are more than willing to share.You will be in groups from 2-6 people,Arequipaphoto small class environment, so each student can get dedicated attention.

Classes go by menu, guests can take a Peruvian menu class, Arequipeno menu, Characato menu, Andean menu. Menu items are native and popular Peruvian dishes. Each menu contains a starter, a main course, and a desert, so guest get to learn a full meal in one four hour session.

They also have the custom option, where guests can suggest dishes they would like to learn, or change the difficulty level because children would be accompanying them.

So many great options to choose from, a great opportunity to learn from some of the best Peruvian chefs out there. Arequipa’s Cooking Class have received rave reviews on TripAdvisor, and rated number 5 thing to do in all of Arequipa. Definitely a great place to stop by and sharpen up your cooking skills or just grab a meal.

Conhecer Turismo

conhecerlogoRight after learning some Peruvian dishes, you can hop on a plane and jet to Portugal to take a wine tasting tour with Conhecer Turismo. Conhecer Turismo is a tours and activity located in Porto, Portugal. They are a licensed member of the Portuguese Tourism Bureau, so all guests can feel safe and are protected by mandatory insurance policies. They operate all inclusive tours, so guests only pay once and get to enjoy the rest of the day enjoying their tour with this small, innovative company. Tour guides speak English as well as Portuguese, and most tours are mainly operated in the north of Portugal. Guests are treated more than just customers, as this team strives to make their stay as comfortable as possible, does everything to get to know the guests.

Its all about getting to know Portugal, so they offer different city tours, one aptly entitled “Porto City Tour for 1st Timers” Its a tour that takes you through the city, shows and teaches you everything you need to know about Porto. Once you know everything you can come back and take a photo tour with them. Past by amazing sights and document everything with your camera. And of course if you just want to walk around Porto checking out monuments like Clérigos Tower and the Douro river front and Luis I Bridge, you can do that as well.

They offer this particular tour as a private tour and a public offering depending on what mood you are in. Porto can be considered the “headquarter” of two very distinct wine regions – Port Wine and Vinho Verde Wine. Its only right you take a wine tasting tour while you are out in Porto. A seven-hour excursion, its a “mix between a city tour, wine tastings, gastronomy and landscapes. Tour guides accompany you on all of their offerings, sharing stories and opening up to guests, because they want you to leave Porto feeling like family!conhecertour
Rustic Vines Adventures

rusticlogoIf you really like the wine tours they offer and are in the mood for more wine tours, then all you have to do is travel east to Bordeaux France, to go check out Rustic Vines Tours. Rustic Vines Tours is owned by retired rugby player Tim Cowley, who migrated from New Zealand to Bordeaux, because as he put it, Bordeaux has it all, from great food, great people, a rich history and lets not forget great wine. He wanted Rustic Vines to be all about the people. As someone who is well traveled, the idea of bringing people together to enjoy themselves and partake in good natured rusticpicconversation means a lot to him and that is what Rustic Vines is.

He provides three wine tasting tours for his guests, named after French historical elites. You have the King Henry, The Famous Monk, and Napoleon. The King Henry includes a visit to the Grand Cru Classé Château for a wine tasting. The Famous Monk includes that as well, but you finish off with a picnic of the regions local produce.

Then guests make their way to Saint Émilion for a chance to discover the Ancient Village and enjoy tastings at Saint Émilion wine in a wine bar. And The Napoleon includes a visit to the famous Chateaus Margaux. Guest can combine these tours in any variation they want.

Bordeaux has become synonymous with wine. When visiting one must enjoy the restaurants and indulge in a many wine tasting as possible. And if you decide to take a tour there is no better company to take you on this tour than Rustic Vines Tours.


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