Industry News: Global Organizations Partner, Wellness Tourism is on the Rise

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Oct 9, 2014

The Adventure Travel World Summit is taking place in Ireland. The ATTA and WWF partner for conservation tourism. IGLTA and GALTA partner to promote LGBT tourism. Wellness Tourism is on the rise. Read all about it below.

Global LGBT association partners with GALTA

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association announced a two-year partnership with Gay and Lesbian Tourism Australia and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The president and CEO of IGLTA John Tanzella said of the partnership, “Australia is a key destination for LGBT travelers worldwide, but our outreach in the community didn't appropriately reflect that, A formaearth-globe-handsl partnership will assist our members in promoting the great destinations and events there, and help GALTA and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras better connect with the global tourism market.” IGLTA has tourism business members in more than 75 countries, with the idea to grow inbound LGBT travelers to these locations. The LGBT community is a fast growing segment in the travel industry that needs to be catered to. Pink Alpine one of TrekkSoft’s member companies is already doing this, they are a supplier for gay outdoor sports in Switzerland. More companies like Pink Alpine are sprouting up in hopes to harness this market.


Conservation Travel

The Adventure Travel World Summit is currently taking place in Killarney, Ireland, from October 6-9 2014. On October 8 the Adventure Travel Trade Association and World Wildlife Fund signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining their collaborative strategy to advance conservation of the planet’s most precious wildlife, landscapes and seascapes. Both organizations have a joint initiative called the Conservation Travel. Conservation Travel is sustainable tourism that connects the traveler with nature and supports its protection by ensuring benefits from tourism investment flow to the local stewards of wildlife and wildlands.

Conservation Travel has three goals, one is to Impact by encouraging nature conservation, two, Influence the traveler in conservation issues, and last to drive greater philanthropy toward conservation. The summit allowed both organizations to meet and thoroughly plan out the guidelines of this partnership. Precious wildlife and beautiful landscapes are something the travel industry depends on as whole, and this is an initiative we all should jump behind.

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onservation of the planet’s most precious wildlife, landscapes and seascapes is a benefit to all of us

Wellness Tourism

No one is expecting wellness tourism to become the stalwart in the travel industry, but it is on a rise. Tourists are increasingly factoring in wellness into their travel plans. A report from the Global Spa and Wellness Monitor states that wellness tourism is nearly a $500 billion industry. With North America and Europe combining for $373 billion. What's surprising about the report is that Africa is on the rise. Sub Sahara Africa is fastest growing region for wellness tourism. Tourists spent $3.2 billion on wellness experiences in the region, this is a 57% increase from the previous year, and an estimated 4.2 million trips, this is a 90% increase. South Africa, Kenya and Mauritius have the highest revenue for the region’s wellness tourist market. Wellness tourism is making huge leaps in the industry, but it has a long way to go before it becomes a common thing, or one that can compete with traditional

Social Media for Ad Campaigns

Locations are increasingly turning to social media for their marketing campaigns. Greece, Canada and Minnesota are amongst others that are turning to social media influencers. Explore Minnesota is in the midst of a new fall campaign that highlights what the state has to offer to different groups of travelers from young single explorers to families that RV across the U.S. Minnesota's campaign consists of asking a single traveler, a young couple and a family to spend 10 days exploring the state and sharing their experience on social media, with the hashtag #OnlyinMN. Greece is trying something similar, with international tourism expected to reach a record high. They have started an “I am an Athenian Too” campaign which ask visitors to share their experiences with their social media circles. They can even upload pictures to the Athenian App. Guests can also add a sticker of where the picture was taking. Check out this promotional clip.

These campaigns cater to the increase amounts of people using social media to document their day to day interactions. Who knows, maybe they can go viral!


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