Jet ski company uses resource management tool to avoid overbooking

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Feb 2, 2015

Blue Rush Watersports wanted to prevent overbooking and running out of resources for their jet ski tour and rental business.

Blue Rush Water Sports is a watersports company located in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Virgin Gorda is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and their goal as a company is to offer diverse and exciting ways for everyone to explore this beautiful island. They offer unique experiences that can be enjoyed by recreationalists and enthusiasts alike.

Blue Rush Water Sports faced the overbooking problem that countless other activity providers have to deal with. They only have a limited number of jet skis, so they have to constantly monitor the tour, as well as their inventory, to make sure that they always have enough jet skis for the customers that booked that day. They realized that they had to find a more efficient way of keeping inventory and allocating their resources. They needed a reservation system that could do it for them.

Blue Rush Water Sports offers plenty of tours that all require the same resources. They have a few tours that all need jet skis for example. Sometimes two tours will be booked at the same time, and one would have to be canceled. If a group of people showed up expecting a jet ski adventure, but there were not enough jet skis for everyone in the group, it could get messy. It was a problem that was inevitable because of Blue Rush Water Sports' popularity.

Only two companies in all of Virgin Gorda are allowed to have jet ski tours, and Blue Rush Water Sports is one of them. Blue Rush Water Sports have been granted special permission to operate guided jet ski tours in that area, so you can imagine the demand is high. Since all tours have to be guided, their guides have essentially become resources as well. They always have to be vigilant and make sure they have enough guides for the tours that are scheduled to go out that day.

TrekkSoft’s Resource Management tool allowed Blue Rush Water Sport to manage their inventory effectively. When activities depend on resources, in this case jet skis and tour guides, you can create a resource dependency rule. This means that when the resources are no longer available, the tour will no longer be bookable. It will prevent overbooking and disappointments.

bluerush2-1Blue Rush Water Sports can now attach guides to tours so that when the tour is booked, that guide is no longer available. They can attach the guide to multiple tours, but once one is booked, the other tour will close. This is the same reasoning for the jet skis. They can link the same number of jet skis to different tours. Once the jet skis get booked, they will disappear from all other tours.

This has worked wonders for Blue Rush Water Sports. They no longer need to manually keep an eye on how many jet skis they have, or which guide is doing what tour. TrekkSoft’s booking system does it for them. They can now focus on the task at hand, exposing the world to the wonders of Virgin Gorda.


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