Industry News: Travel Technology 2015, Mobile Transactions Still Rising and lists from TripAdvisor and Facebook

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Dec 11, 2014

With the end of the year around the corner a lot of companies are releasing end of the year data. TripAdvisor and Facebook respectively released data pertaining to them. Yet another study on why mobile transactions is on the rise. But first the 12th annual Travel Technology is right around the corner!

Travel Technology 2015

Guests catch a speech at a prior year's Travel Technology

The 12th annual Travel Technology Europe conference will be taking place in London from the 25-26 of February. Travel Technology Europe specializes in technology systems and software for the travel industry. It is the largest specialist event of its kind, attracting registrants from all over the world, and all over the industry, from tour operators, travel agents, destination management companies, to even cruises and airlines. The organizers have just released the program for the two day event, with sessions split into four key topics, Generate, Evolve, Innovate and Disrupt. The more than 4,500 industry people expected to attend can take in insightful speeches, panel discussions, case study presentations and much more. Janie Fox, Sales Director of Travel Technology had this to say, “We have a great range of interesting and exciting sessions in place for the 12th annual edition of TTE and we’re really looking forward to the event.” It is not too late to register for the event, those interested in attending can register on the Travel Technology website.

How Travel Compares

It seems like every other day I am reading an article that chronicles the importance of mobile transactions, it is a topic I have stressed many a times on this blog. So it comes as no surprise that this week Criteo released a report comparing other industries mobile transactions to the travel industry’s mobile transactions. The report studied 3,000 e-commerce brands, and realized that travel is doing quite well. The number of mobile transactions is up on all fronts, accounting for a third of all transactions. The US is expected to be around 50% in the near future, with the most usage of iPad and Android based devices. The travel industry accounted for 27% of all mobile transactions. 

travelcompares Travel accounted for 27% of all mobile transactions

Smartphones will continue to increase in the amount of users using it to make bookings. What this means for marketers and the industry, is that they have to make sure their company is ready to accept mobile bookings.

TripAdvisor Announces Top Contributors

TripAdvisor the world’s largest travel site providing reviews on travel related content, released lists to honor their top contributors of 2014. The travel conglomerate relying mainly on user generated content gets about 115 contributions to the site every minute from all over the world. TripAdvisor knows how important the users are, and why they should honor them, “We thank our most active members, as well as each of our contributors. Their candid feedback is the lifeblood of TripAdvisor and helps others find the information and advice they need before they travel or visit a business,” said Barbara Messing, Chief Marketing Officer for TripAdvisor. Most notable categories that went to users were “Most Content” and “Most Reviews.” The site also profiled these users to give them some shine. They also honored destinations, with London coming in as the most reviewed city.

TripAdvisor Honors Its Top Contributors of 2014  None TRIP

Ten Most Popular US Destinations According to Facebook


Le_Yankee_Stadium Yankee Stadium, the lone stadium on most popular Facebook check-in destinations

As a follow-up to last week’s industry news post where I discussed the disparity between the most visited and most instagrammed places in the world, Facebook released the most popular check-in destinations in the United States. The Facebook check-in function allows user to announce their destination upon arrival. Travel is the second most talked about issue on Facebook behind relationships of course, so its only right we pay close attention to the check-in data. The list was once dominated by stadiums, with almost half of them last year being stadiums. This year the stadiums have been replaced by National Parks, with the exception of Yankee Stadium. What can we take from this? With travel being a hot discussion, marketers can use the check-in data to see where people are going, and study the trends to alter their plan.


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