TrekkSoft Releases Resource Management for Tour Operators

Posted by Tom Iannone on Oct 24, 2014

TrekkSoft Automates Resource Management for Tour Operators Around the World

With the most accurate resource management system for tour operators around the world, TrekkSoft’s booking and payment software enables activity providers to track exactly how many tour guides, equipment or vehicles are available at any moment in time. TrekkSoft’s smart resource management algorithm controls the availability of your tours by disabling the booking options that are linked to a particular resource when that resource has been exhausted.

resource management booking system

This means that your activities show as available or unavailable based on whether you have a guide or vehicle for that time slot. Don’t worry, TrekkSoft also knows when to remove a particular resource as soon as a customer books, so you don’t have to manually mark a resource each time it is used.

One of the most powerful features of TrekkSoft’s resource management system is the ability to add a contact email for every resource. As soon as a resource is depleted or a scheduled activity is approaching, TrekkSoft’s booking system automatically emails a list containing every guest scheduled for that trip along with important information about them. After they are booked for a tour, they will be notified with an email notification and customer manifest. Don’t waste any more time tracking your employees and supplies by hand - now TrekkSoft can do it for you.

Resource Dependency for Multiple Activities

Automatically open or close trips depending on your available resources. Multiple activities can be dependent to the same resource.

tour booking system with resource management

Example: If you use a bus to transport guests to the beach for activities like surfing or scuba diving, you can set the bus as a shared resource for both activities. If a bus holds 30 people, and the combined total of surfing and scuba diving guests hits 30, then booking for both activities will close instantly. This ensures that you don’t ever overbook an activity, meaning your guests will never be disappointed.

Custom Notifications

Deliver critical pre-departure information to suppliers or guides. Automatically schedule emails to your guides or suppliers with passenger manifests, pick-up lists, and valuable customer information that is unique to your business.

tour resource manager booking notification

Example: You have ten tour guides who need a list of their guests for check-in and detailed information about what a customer requested for lunch. With TrekkSoft’s resource management system, tour operators don’t have to print or email the lists, because they are automatically emailed as soon as a tour guide has been booked for one of the tours that he or she is assigned to.

Resource Overview Calendar

Tour operators can use TrekkSoft’s resource management system to actively monitor the resources that they have available that day or for any date in the future. This is extremely valuable, because tour operators can plan ahead and prepare more efficiently by renting additional vehicles or hiring more tour operators so they can accept more bookings rather than missing out or turning customers away. Activity providers can even set up a custom notification so that they are alerted when they have run out of resources on a certain date.

tour company calendar resources

Example: Your company rents buses to give sightseeing tours and you notice that on an upcoming holiday weekend you don’t have any more buses available, now you can rent another bus in advance and take more bookings than you expected. This is much more efficient because it saves a lot of time compared to constantly recalculating the capacities for every date in advance.

How Your Business Can Improve Its Bottom Line

Every tour operator can benefit from TrekkSoft’s resource management system in a number of ways. As a business owner, you know how much of your valuable time can be saved with automated management and notifications. Imagine completely removing human error or miscalculations from your business process. Tour guides can be confident in knowing that they receive the correct customer manifest rather than realizing last minute that they no longer have access to important guest information.

The resource management system also ensures that you never miscalculate equipment orders or vehicle rentals for future events so you don’t lose money on excessive overhead costs created by renting too many vehicles for a low-volume date.


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