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Published by Alan Romero | Aug 28, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Eco Park business in Costa Rica uses TrekkSoft to step into the online market

Black Stallion Eco Park & Estates: Who are they?

Black Stallion Eco Park & Estates offers a wide variety of activities in its ranch, ranging from zip lining and walking to horseback riding and delicious BBQs.

FullSizeRender_2In order to run its various activities in an effective and successful way, the business needed to have a resource manager. Also, as they host people from all over the world, some of whom are high-profile, it was key for their business to have an online presence.

Black Stallion Eco Park & Estates is a company with an original concept that is based in the paradisiac location of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Its founder, Alex Urbaniak, built a successful surf wear company from the ground up before deciding to follow his lifelong dream of starting an eco lifestyle project that would leave a positive mark on the community and benefit the people that live and experience it.


Black Stallion using TrekkSoft was the turn of the tide in their online business model

In TrekkSoft, Black Stallion found the tools they needed to improve the operations of their business and gain a platform from which they could launch and promote their business online. After extensive research, they decided to use TrekkSoft because,

‘It’s simple and it works. Using TrekkSoft is awesome, it’s a very well run operation with no smoke and mirrors. Keeping transactions simple is key to running a tour business, as one needs to be focused on the execution and the fun experience that one is selling’.

Black Stallion was able to create their website, integrate all of their activities, and start selling them in a few clicks.

What you need to know before taking your business online

Nowadays, online activities and online marketing are key to the success of any business in any industry. For tour and activity companies, offering customers the ability to make bookings online and process payments on their website is a must.FullSizeRender

TrekkSoft helped Black Stallion to reach more people via their website, as well as getting more bookings through the booking and payment system. Also, they were able to increase their sales and grow their business.

As explained by Urbaniak, today, online is a new information-driven culture of how to do business and TrekkSoft helped us and contributed to our success no doubt. All of this is done without the need to be a webmaster or having knowledge of creating websites. TrekkSoft gets companies online in just a few clicks.

When Urbaniak was asked about his experience of having a website with an integrated booking system, he said:

‘To create our own webpage and run it with TrekkSoft is easy, the homepage is obviously more important and needs to be tweaked as you go, depending on the menu one offers’.

Making the homepage as appealing as possible is key, as this is the storefront of a company. With the intuitive options that TrekkSoft offers, it is easier than ever for companies to create web pages that appeal to their target market.

Urbaniak advises other tour guides and tour operators that are trying to grow their business to,

'Have a very, very clear product that is cool, fun and affordable. People are on holiday and want to enjoy the short time they have there, so it’s important to be very well organised and have no grey areas'.

Alex Urbaniak from Black Stallion explained that one of the major obstacles of running a tour or activity company in Costa Rica is transporting  people, as there are some people that do not rent cars. With the growth of their business, they were able to invest in a new minibus. Their provision of transport and pick-ups is now a huge incentive for people to visit Black Stallion Eco Park & Estates.

After 2 years of using Trekksoft, Black Stallion is happy to have chosen to use the software as 'everything needs to be super-clear and super-focused’. 



If you like the story of Black Stallion and would like to know how TrekkSoft can help your business to grow and improve, contact us.

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