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Published by Lucy Fuggle | Aug 19, 2016 | | 2 MIN READ

The secret to managing your tourism business on your smartphone

We've all been spending a lot more time on our smartphones than we used to: this isn't really news for you, I'm sure.

When I need or want to do something, I look for an app to help me get it done. I have Spotify as my music app, Slack for communicating with the team at TrekkSoft, and Evernote to track everything I want to do, read later, or remember. All of these apps come into play when I'm writing an article like this for you.

But what about your tourism business? Is it possible to manage your bookings for tours and activities on your mobile, as well as having quick access to your business insights and schedule? Let's look into this.


The quick answer...

I have good news for you! If you have a smartphone in your pocket, you're ready to manage your tourism business on-the-go. Nowadays, you simply don't need to be in your office to process bookings, adjust your availability, or check the status of your resources.



Four steps to managing your business on mobile


1. Start your TrekkSoft subscription. This will also allow you to accept online bookings, use the multi-currency TrekkSoft Payment Gateway, and even build a brand new (and multilingual) website.

The best way to find out if TrekkSoft is right for you is to chat with our team.


2. Get set up with the pro guidance of the TrekkSoft customer success team. They're a great bunch! You can see many of their lovely faces over on our team page.


3. Get the TrekkSoft Mobile App on your phone and log in to your account.


4. You're ready to go!

Mobile app tourism companies

Two tricks to maximise your efficiency on mobile


1. Sync your booking software with your favourite calendar

TrekkSoft has a handy calendar sync integration that works with iCloud, Google, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange. This lets you easily keep an eye on your schedule from your favourite calendar app. The best thing? TrekkSoft updates your bookings in real-time, so you always know what your latest availability is.

To find out more, you can click here to read our introduction to the calendar sync feature. Also, here's the sync in action with Google Calendar:


Google Calendar sync for booking software


2. Get your hands on a TrekkSoft card readerCard reader for tours and activities

If you use the TrekkSoft Mobile App, the card reader is really handy to have too. It enables you to process payments anywhere - even when you're offline.

This means you'll be ready to process a payment from that latecomer to your tour, or the customer who's forgotten cash when you're away from your office.



Does mobile-optimized software fit your lifestyle too?

If you've ever been to Interlaken, Switzerland and looked up, you'll know that there are a lot of paragliding companies around. And paragliding company owners don't tend to spend much time in offices.

It's here in Interlaken that we were born and raised, and we developed TrekkSoft and its Mobile App to fit the on-the-go lifestyle and priorities of our local tourism companies.

Since 2009, we've worked with businesses in over 125 other countries.

Why not chat with us and see how our software can work for you too?


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